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What is Naturopathy? 













A Naturopath’s role as a primary healthcare professional is to diagnose and then treat the cause of human illness, not only treating the symptoms. Naturopathic medicine is totally drugless and non surgical. Naturopathy is “wholistic” which means the Naturopath treats the person as a whole rather than like a specialist who only looks at one specific area.

Naturopaths use time honoured natural treatment methods like:

  •  western herbal medicine

  •  vitamin and mineral supplementation

  •  dietary therapy

  •  therapeutic massage

  •  therapeutic exercise 

  •  and positive lifestyle advice.

Diagnosis is via standard pathology testing and thorough history taking . Many Naturopaths may also run nutritional tests, salivary hormone tests and hair analysis and iridology (careful examination of the iris of the eye) to give them more insight into the cause of the persons condition. Once the initial complaint is addressed, Naturopathy is concerned with helping patients maintain this newly acquired health for life through regular Naturopathic assessment and care.

How does Naturopathy work?
Naturopathic theory dictates that the human body has the ability to heal itself ( vitalism) if it is supplied with the correct environment and the basic ingredients that can build new healthy cells. This is based on the age old doctrine of “vis medicatrix naturae” – meaning only nature can heal, this comes from Hippocractic times.

The dis-ease ,illness or pain the patient presents with may have a singular cause but more often has a variety of causes.

The causes may be chemical, structural or even emotional. The Naturopath through careful examination of the patient,  endeavours to discover the root cause/s of the illness and then remedy the situation by removing the cause. And in this way restoring vitality to the human body, which then frees the body to truly heal and repair.

Herbs, Flower and Stethoscope
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