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Dr Andrew Comer


Pilates Instructor

Rita Goudonis

Remedial Massage Therapist
Barre & Pilates Instructor

Milva Agostini


Dr Gianni DiCarlo


Pilates Instructor

Dr Luke Nelson

Sports Chiropractor

Running Assessments

Dr Louise Nelson


Pilates Instructor

Dr Joseph Ferraro


Dana Brackley

Physiotherapist/Pilates Instructor/Oov Therapist

Paula Pappalardo

Physiotherapist/ Clinical Pilates Instructor

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Dr. Andrew Comer

Chiropractor & Pilates Instructor

Dr. Andrew Comer completed a five year double degree in a Bachelor of Applied Clinical Science and a Bachelor of Chiropractic Science at the univeristy of RMIT in 1999. Since that time he has worked 6 days a week and opened and built 3 busy mutli discplinary clinics. Dr Comer utilises the Gonstead method of Chiropractic for which he has attained diplomate status in from the Gonstead Society of Australia, he uses exercise prescription and lifestyle modifications to get the best results for his patients. Dr Comer allows the latest evidence available to guide him in his clinical decision making.

Sports Chiropractor - Dr Comer has completed a 3 year post graduate diploma and is an internationally certified chiropractic sports practitioner . This course is run by the Federation of Sports Chiropractic in Geneva and is the minimum qualification required to be part of a FICS chiropractic delegation for a national or international event such as the Olympics and World Games.

Dr Comer is a very keen cyclist racing domestically (now in masters!) , has competed in one marathon, running a 3:12 and has competed in several half ironman, open water swims and half marathons. In his youth he played high level competitive basketball. His passion for fitness and a healthy lifestyle led him to his post graduate studies in Sports Chiropractic.

Dr. Comer is married and has two very active children. He has also attained diplomate status of the Gonstead Chiropractic system and has completed a certificate in Paediatric Chiropractic. He has cared for patients with various health complaints since 2000.

Pilates/rehab Instructor - Dr Comer focuses not only on hands on treatment he has completed his qualifications in clinical Pilates and has a strong focus on corrective exercises and rehab.

Gian Profile 1_edited.jpg

Dr. Gianni DiCarlo

Chiropractor & Pilates Instructor

Dr. Gianni DiCarlo has a passion for Gonstead chiropractic, which developed following his recovery from debilitating daily headaches. Now, he aims to bring the specific Gonstead chiropractic approach to as many people as he can. Dr. Gianni is continually adding to his chiropractic knowledge, having attained Gonstead Diplomate status and completed a Certificate in Paediatric Chiropractic. He has also undertaken extensive study to become a Polestar educated Pilates Instructor. 


Dr. Gianni is married and a father of three. He has cared for their spines since they were born, believing in early intervention, rather than waiting until problems present themselves as symptoms.  


Dr. Gianni also has a passion for running, having completed six half-marathons and 3 full marathons as well as countless other fun runs. He also played a very high standard of tennis until the age of 16, when he decided to concentrate on his studies. This experience has aided in his ability to understand and manage many of the injuries that are often related to running as well as other sports.

Louise Profile 1_edited.jpg

Dr. Louise Nelson

Chiropractor & Pilates Instructor

Dr. Louise completed her Chiropractic degree at RMIT University in 2004, Dr. Louise has been in private practice since then, beginning here at ‘Specific Chiropractic’. As with all practitioners here, the thirst for knowledge continues, and she has completed several post-graduate seminars and certificates – primarily Gonstead, and paediatrics.


She has undergone extensive postgraduate education in Chiropractic Paediatrics, having worked in a chiropractic Paediatric only practice for 9 years. She looks forward to bringing her skill set and passion to the clinic. Dr. Louise also enjoys adding to her care with benefits of rehabilitation and exercise through Pilates, and is an instructor here at the clinic.


Dr. Louise believes in a wholistic approach to health management incorporating lifestyle, nutrition, exercise and rehabilitation recommendations to support each of her patients. Her special interest is in treating children and infants, though enjoys caring for people in all walks of life.

Luke Profile 1_edited.jpg

Dr. Luke Nelson

Sports Chiropractor & Running Assessments

Luke has been in private practice since graduating from RMIT in 2003. His post graduate qualifications in sports chiropractic include an International Certified Chiropractic Sports Diploma, a post graduate diploma in Sports Chiropractic and a Masters in Sports Science.


Luke has involvement in a number of organisations including Finance chair of FICS, education chair of Sports Chiropractic Australia and board member of the Victorian State branch of Sports Medicine Australia.  Luke treats elite athletes from a variety of sports including athletics, cricket, AFL, mixed martial arts, triathlon, water polo, tennis and golf.


Luke has presented both nationally and internationally on sports chiropractic and was recently awarded the 2016 Sports Chiropractic Australia outstanding service award.


An avid runner himself, Luke has completed multiple marathons, Iron Man triathlons and ultramarathons. Luke is co-director of Enhance running, whose purpose is to help people enjoy running and avoid injury through teaching running technique.

Rita Profile 1_edited.jpg

Rita Goudonis

Remedial massage Therapist, Pilates & Barre Instructor

Rita's passion is to help heal through a natural approach to pain relief. Rita has been trained in a range of modalities including Myofascial tension technique with passive and active movement, Digital Ischaemic pressure, Trigger Point Therapy, Cupping, Sports massage and stretching technique.

Her approach is to treat through a range of motion (movement) to actively treat the cause of pain. She enjoys keeping fit through walking, Pilates and Barre. These fitness choices have led her to enhance her career as she's currently completing a certificate in Pilates with the long term goal of a Diploma in Pilates. Rita is also a Barre instructor.

She's also furthering her skills by undertaking the Advanced Diploma of Myotherapy and Barre in 2019.

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Dr. Joseph Ferraro

Registered Acupuncturist & Qualified Naturopath

Having been in private practice since graduating in 1993, he has a wide breadth of clinical
knowledge and experience. Joseph is dedicated to finding and treating the root cause of your
health concern and to this end he utilises functional pathology testing and iridology amongst
other methods.  Joseph has practiced laser Acupuncture since 1997, a modern, painless and
needle free technique. He also employs non invasive and needle free Japanaese Acupuncture
techniques in his practice. Joseph combines both his Naturopathy and Acupuncture along with
Low Level Laser Therapy ( LLLT) for a wide range of pain conditions, sports injuries and skin
Joseph is a member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society ( ATMS )
Joseph enjoys providing a broad based family practice, and also has areas of special interest in :
- Women’s health conditions
- Pain conditions both acute and chronic
- Chronic, long standing ailments
- Skin conditions and Cosmetic Acupuncture
- Weight management
- Healthy aging and wellness care


Milva Agostini


I graduated from La Trobe University with a Bachelor of Health Science and Masters of Podiatric Practice. I have been working as a Podiatrist in private practice and also in the Aged care industry.


I believe that keeping active is vital for our physical and mental health, and in the later years, for our independence!

My scope of services includes (but is not limited to);

1.     Ingrown toe nail surgery

2.     Diabetes foot assessments and management

3.     Callous and corn debridement

4.     Nail management

5.     Footwear advice

6.     Orthotic therapy


As helping people is my fundamental passion, podiatry has allowed me to aid the vulnerable through treatment and management of the foot and ankle. While I have a particular interest in the foot health of the elderly and people managing diabetes, my focus has always remained on treating the ‘whole’ person. Whether you need help with sore feet, calluses, corns, warts, fungal infections or general aches and pains (and much more), I can help you enjoy increased health and happiness via the care of your feet.

I also volunteer each year at the Oxfam 100km Trail walk event. I especially love this event because you get no better greeting from someone who has just found me at the 50km+ check point. They sit on my table with such a look of relief and gratitude for my foot treatment that will keep them going to the finish line. It has been very rewarding and a great cause to support.

In my spare time, I enjoy my family, reading, cooking and keeping fit!


Dana Brackley

Physiotherapist/Pilates Instructor/Oov Therapist

Dana Brackley earned a Bachelor of Health Sciences-Physiotherapy degree from Latrobe University in 1994 and went on to work in the United Kingdom, the United States, and Australia. She received comprehensive Pilates certification in the United States in early 2000 and finished her examinations at the Stott Pilates head training centre in Toronto, Canada.

Dana's therapy approach is an integrated "Hands On" treatment and Movement Therapy Approach that considers the individual as a whole. The Body is a complex, intelligently organised network of systems that collaborate to maximise health and well-being. Clinical Pilates and Oov therapy are examples of movement therapies that may help you enhance your health, wellbeing, and capacity to function optimally. Dana's mission is to provide individuals with the skills they need to live their best lives.

The treatment includes soft tissue mobilisation and massage, fascial release, joint mobilisation, dry needling, rehabilitation exercises, and movement therapy such as Clinical Pilates, Oov therapy, and Applied movement neurology.

Dana has visited various Pilates studios and clinics throughout the globe to learn about their approach to movement therapy, combining her passions for travel and Pilates. Dana is a local with 3 children, in different stages of education who keep her grounded and active!

Dana has combined her two loves of travel and Pilates by seeing Pilates studios and clinics throughout the world to get insight into different methods of movement therapy. Dana is a local who is kept on her toes by her three kids, all of whom are students at various stages in their academic careers.

Paula P_edited.jpg

Paula Pappalardo

Physiotherapist/Clinical Pilates Instructor

Paula graduated from La Trobe University with a Bachelor of Health Sciences and Master of Physiotherapy Practice. Paula has gained valuable experience working in private practice, Sporting Academies and VAFA teams, specialising in the treatment of musculoskeletal injuries in both athletes and the general population. She adopts a holistic approach and creates a nurturing environment where patients can confidently achieve good outcomes.  


Paula began a Masters in Research in 2021 that helped her to gain expert knowledge in running biomechanics and return to activity after knee surgery. Her advanced knowledge has helped her to understand how the mechanics of the body and the psychological response to injury can play a significant role in the development of injuries. She employs movement retraining to create synergistic movement and optimise treatment outcomes. 


Paula believes that Clinical Pilates plays a pivotal role in correcting movement deficits, and she integrates Pilates principles into both the assessment and rehabilitation of patients. She has also completed studies in Strength and Conditioning. Paula continues to stay updated with recent research to ensure that her practice continues to be evidence-based. 


Paula is a local in the community and enjoys staying involved by assisting her local sporting clubs. In her leisure time, Paula enjoys running, playing tennis and traveling.  

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