Pilates exercises promote an even musculature throughout the body by strengthening the core. Pilates also stresses spinal and pelvic alignment, which is critical in getting us to move the way we are supposed to move to avoid injury, and the principles of Pilates are fantastic for rehabilitation. While many of the movements might be small and performed slowly, they’re done to target specific muscle groups, many of which you may never work in your usual fitness routine. Reformer classes introduce a whole other element, too, utilising the machine to add resistance and leverage to certain exercises.


All of our classes are run by Polestar trained Pilates instructors with a high level of expertise in the assessment and management of clients of all ages. Within our practice, you will have access to three types of Pilates classes.

1. Group Pilates Mat Classes - these classes are designed for those people who are comfortable working in a larger group class format. The class size generally ranges from 3 people to 10 people.  Most attendees will have previously attended the practice for the management of an injury or a pain syndrome and are becoming actively involved in their rehabilitation and stabilisation of their condition. The classes cater for beginner to intermediate level clients.

2. Clinical & Studio Pilates Classes - these classes cater for those people recovering from injury to those who want to actively challenge themselves to a high degree of strength. Class sizes will always begin with one practitioner to one client, but as your ability improves, you will progress to a larger group class with one practitioner to 4 clients who will all be doing different work-outs.

3. Group Pilates Reformer Classes - a fun and fast paced way to improve your strength, endurance, muscle tone and flexibility. 
We offer two class types:

Reformer Beginner - suitable for beginners or those that want to keep things simple

Reformer Intermediate to Advanced – for those that have advanced through their movements
*Exercises may be modified within these classes to meet your individual limitations (within reason), given the small class sizes. 



Barre is an all body workout, focusing on lengthening, toning and stretching, whilst utilising elements of ballet barre, dance, yoga, pilates and fitness, within a class of around 45 minutes to an hour. It is a full body workout. It’s really great for your core, it improves your posture, helps your muscles to work correctly, increases your flexibility, targets every muscle group and is considered a “low injury risk” class.


Barre toning - mixture of high repetition weights and Pilates. 

Barre Burn - cardio, weights, core. 


Sinead is a yoga and meditation teacher, bringing a choice of 2 styles of yoga to Spine Health and Stability each Tuesday and Thursday mornings. 
Vinyasa Flow 9.15-10.15am
Yin 10.30-11.30am

The yoga styles range from a more dynamic Vinyasa Flow to a gentler YIN class which is a more meditative and floor based style of yoga, releasing deeply into the connective tissues of our bodies.
Vinyasa yoga synchronises movement with our breath to allow students to find steadiness in the posture and creating the balance between strength, flexibility, and release. Vinyasa yoga allows us to cultivate balance on and off the mat, helping us to allevite stress, muscular tension and leave each class feeling aligned and wonderful.
Yin yoga is a complimentary yoga practice to the more dynamic Vinyasa flow. Yin yoga holds each posture for a few minutes to connect into the deeper tissues of the body before releasing.  This peaceful and restorative class is recommended for all students and brings a wonderful feeling of relaxation and equilibrium to the mind body and spirit.
As a yoga teacher, Sinead seeks to inspire people by giving her authentic self to all her classes. Sinead believes in giving students the space in their practice to explore all possibilities, and to take this learning off the mat and into their everyday lives.