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Parenting Workshop - Raising Responsible Resilient Children

As a responsible parent you will want to be at this workshop on Friday 10th September at 1.00 PM and learn how to further help your children be responsible and resilient.


As a teacher, mother and now life coach I am passionate about providing quality support to parents. In this workshop, we will discover how we can help our children to be responsible and resilient by being the adult our children need us to be. When we model the behaviours that we want our children to emulate they will learn from our example. Additionally, we will explore how to make sure children know that they matter. And we will also learn how we can help children be responsible and resilient as they venture into the world of school and beyond.

We all know that actions speak louder than words and it is time to act now!

Jan Hutton

Learning Through Life .

FLYER FOR spine health Workshop 100921[7379]
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