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What is Oov Therapy?

Oov therapy is a unique assessment and treatment utilising a 3D shaped foam device called the Oov conducted by your Physiotherapist who has been specifically trained in Oov Therapy.

The OOV illuminates your body’s compensations strategies and can help pinpoint spots in the body where muscle control and joint movements are more difficult for you.

At your initial appointment, your Physiotherapist will take a comprehensive history to get an understanding of your requirements, injury or condition and the circumstances that may have led to your condition, considering your whole person. Then a movement assessment will continue with you lying on the Oov.

Laying on the Oov puts your spine in a lengthened and well supported position, preventing compression and shearing forces of the spine and also creates the optimal position for your “CORE” to work most efficiently.

From this posture, mobility of the body can be assessed and readily improved in the hips, shoulders, and the spine all while core control is achieved.

Working on the Oov using specific mobility, balance and strength exercises has a significant neuroplastic impact (provides enormous feedback to the nerves in the spinal cord and brain.)

So, in addition to working on the structure of the body aka your “hardware” and its capacity to move, we are also upregulating the nervous system to ensure optimum performance, your “software”.

A tailored exercise program with detailed and specific exercises that address the assessment findings will be covered.

Manual therapy in the form of specific soft tissues release/massage may also be applied in the session.

*Rebates from Private Health Insurance for Physiotherapy Services is available depending on your PHI cover.

Assessments and Treatment for Oov therapy sessions will be available from January 2023 Tuesday 9-12am, 4.30- 7.30pm * every second Tuesday and Thursday 12.30-3.30pm.

For more information or questions about Oov Therapy please don’t hesitate to contact Dana on

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