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Autumn is here and Winter is Coming

By Dr. Joseph Ferraro (Acupuncturist & Naturopath)

It’s so important to continue to look after your general health. With all that’s going on with the COVID-19 pandemic it’s easy to lose sight of our regular health routines. We are all continuing to make changes in our lives to keep ourselves and our community safe. At Spine Health & Stability we have implemented additional infection control and social distancing measures to keep our patients, staff and practitioners safe so that we can continue to provide quality healthcare for our patients. And the good news is that as country and state we appear to be making serious inroads, and flattening the curve. Social distancing and social isolation is working in Australia.

Dr. Joseph Ferraro our registered Acupuncturist and qualified Naturopath at spine health & stability is here to help you and your family. He has been professionally helping patients for over 20 years. He will individually assess you and is dedicated to finding the cause of your condition and then assisting you in a holistic and informed manner.

Consultations are available via 2 easy methods to receive the care you need

1. Naturopathic consultations are now available in clinic, or over the phone or via Zoom from the convenience of your home or office.

2. Acupuncture consultations are still available in clinic and health fund rebates apply.

Now that Autumn has arrived, you’re probably thinking of supporting your immune function.

Lately there has been a huge influx of information online regarding supplements and substances that claim to boost immune function. The trouble is that a lot this is at best simply general information, and it doesn't take any of your particular health needs into consideration. As a trained Naturopath, I use my knowledge and perform due diligence to assess which if any supplements and lifestyle changes suit you and your particular set of health needs. For example : Are you sensitive or allergic to certain foods or substances? Are you on prescribed medications? Or do you have particular health concerns or conditions? Please seek professional advice from a Naturopath, GP, or pharmacist and discuss your individual health situation before purchasing or taking supplements.

Finally, here are some Autumn health tips!

  • Reduce stress – being stressed reduces immune system function, so make sure you incorporate regular time-out, meditation and/or ‘green’ time, such as walking outdoors or playing with pets

  • Enjoy regular exercise

  • Sleep – aim for 7 to 8 hours each night to restore energy and increase resilience

  • Eat your vegies and fruit – at least three cups of fresh vegetables and/or salad, plus two serves of fresh fruit every day! Fill your plate with a rainbow of colour to ensure an abundance of essential nutrients and other antioxidants that will help support healthy immune system cells

  • Regularly wash your hands – simple soap and warm water helps reduce cross-contamination with unwell people.

Joseph is available Monday to Friday for consultation.

Please ask reception or call on 9852-3044 to make an in clinic appointment or let reception know if you would like a telephone or Zoom Naturopathic consultation.

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