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Which class is right for me?


As the name suggests Clinical Pilates Rehabilitation involves a Clinician (such as a Chiropractor) undertaking the Pilates session. CP involves the use of equipment for rehabilitating specific weaknesses that your Clinician has identified unique to you. Studio Pilates Rehabilitation involves similar exercises but is run by an experienced instructor (not a clinician). But please note whether you see a clinician or Studio instructor both are well equipped to run your personalised rehabilitation program.

After a thorough, initial session your instructor will design a program that is specific to you in your recovery. Along the way regular reviews and progression to your program will be made.

Clinical Pilates uses multiple appartaus like this Trapeze Table

Pilates rehabilitation is designed to improve:

- Core awareness and control

- Limb (arms, legs) alignment, control and strength

- Posture awareness and improvements

- Spinal flexibility and strength

- Breathing improvements

- Improved balance

- Other general improvement seen with regular exercise


At the clinic we run various group exercise classes. We differ from a lot of your local “chain” centers in that our instructor have all undertaken hours of education to ensure our clients are in a high quality and safe environment. Our group classes use a range of exercises that the whole group participate in. This varies from your Clinical or Studio Pilates sessions which are specific programs for the individual. Below is a list of the classes we run and a short description of each:

Mat Pilates

Mat Pilates as the name suggests involves doing Pilates exercises on a mat. Often perceived as the ‘easy’ version, Mat Pilates can provide a challenge to even the most experienced instructors and athletes. These exercises focus on core control, limb alignment, flexibility, strength work, balance and breathing. These classes can have up to 10 people. They provide you with a great range of exercises that you can also perform at home.

Reformer Pilates

Reformer Pilates is when you do a series of Pilates exercises on a reformer. A reformer is a piece of equipment that has springs and cables attached to it. You use these springs and cables to either assist you in some challenging exercises or to create resistance in other exercises. The reformer classes can have up to 8 clients in a class and it is a fun and dynamic way to get your body moving and stronger.


Barre fitness is a hybrid workout class – combining ballet-inspired moves with elements of Pilates, dance, yoga and strength training. Our classes have a ballet barre and use classic dance moves such as plies, alongside static stretches. Barre is a very dynamic class where the music will be pumping!

We run two different Barre classes:

- Barre Tone – mixture of high repetition weights and Pilates

- Barre Burn – mix of cardio, weights and core

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