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Do you suffer from an ingrown toenail?

An ingrown toenail (onychocryptosis) happens when the corner of your nail grows into the surrounding skin. This allows for the entry of bacteria into the area which can result in significant pain and discomfort with an infection in the area if not treated immediately. The infection and painful symptoms do not normally resolve with antibiotics alone and require the aggravating nail spike removed by a Podiatrist who have the relevant, sterilised tools to provide relief. Sometimes what feels like an ingrown toenail may actually be a corn or callous within the nail groove which will need professional Podiatric care to remove.

Symptoms of Onychocryptosis:

- Pain down the edge or corner of the nail

- Signs of infection; redness, swelling, throbbing pain, pus

Causes of Onychocryptosis:

- Shape of the nail; curved or involuted

- Footwear adding pressure to the nails

- Trauma to the nail

- Poor nail care

- Picking at the nail

Our Podiatrist here at Spine, Health and Stability sees many cases of ingrown toenails every day! If you are suffering, book an appointment with our podiatrist for conservative treatment and advice of how to prevent it from re-occurring.

If your ingrown is severe and re-occurring our Podiatrist is qualified to perform a minor surgical procedure under Local Anaesthetic to provide a permanent resolution called a Partial Nail Avulsion.

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