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Spine, Health & Stability are thrilled to announce our group classes are now available for bookings!

We are offering classes for Pilates Mat & Reformer, and also Barre classes. Please read below for further class information, and go ahead to MINDBODY to make your bookings. Tell your friends as these classes are available to anyone. There are some great beginner offers so please check those out below. We look forward to seeing you in class!

Barre Class Types:

Barre Toning: mixture of high repetition weights and Pilates Barre Burn: cardio, weights, core

Classes are 45 mntues Barre Instructor: Rita Goudonis

Reformer Group exercise class on the Pilates Reformers

Reformer - B: Beginner class Reformer - I: Intermediate to Advance Class

Reformer Instructor: Jada Lim

To make your bookings please go to:

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