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World Spine Day - October 16

The World Spine Day theme for 2020 is BACK ON TRACK!

With the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic affecting millions of people worldwide, lockdown restrictions have led to a lack of physical activity that has made people more susceptible to spinal pain and disability.

Despite restrictions having protected communities around the world, they have inevitably impacted people’s ability to stay active and mobile. World Spine Day 2020 will focus on getting people BACK ON TRACK to revitalise their spines and restore spinal health and well being. It aims to celebrate and encourage communities to reactivate and revitalise their bodies by getting out and focusing on effective spine care. In the recent consumer survey conducted by the Australian Chiropractors Association, a third of Australians (32.6%) admitted that their pain made them less mobile and even impacted their ability to perform everyday tasks. Back on Track highlights the importance of exercise, posture, movement and good self-care to ensure a healthy spine. The activities can be as simple as ensuring you exercise daily, maintain a balanced diet, get enough sleep and practice the Straighten Up stretching program, which are all great ways to help you regain control over your health. We here at Spine, Health & Stability are trained to provide tailored lifestyle care and advice to help you maintain both your spinal health, and overall health and wellbeing. Following months of a changed routine and adjusting to a new normal, consider Spine, Health & Stability to help get you back on track to being your best self. For further advice and assistance on how to get Back on Track, call us on 9852 3044 to book an appointment this World Spine Day. Keep an eye out for some helpful ideas and videos on Facebook and Instagram to help you get Back on Track.

The vision is a world of healthier spines – help us to get the world BACK ON TRACK!

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