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Upcoming Talk: "Stress - let's think about it!"

December 11 2019 6:30 - 7:30pm



International Author, Educator, Psychologist, Hypnotherapist, and Speaker

Merryn Snare has enjoyed a rewarding career as an author, registered primary and special education teacher, registered psychologist, dance therapist, bereavement and trauma counsellor, executive coach, and mother.

Much of Merryn’s work combines deep relaxation combined with a focus on the awareness and impact of thought processing, to help clients manage stress, anxiety, phobias, and trauma. This combined with the simple and do-able tools and strategies she has developed has guided her clients to enhanced wellbeing.

In addition to being interviewed on radio about anxiety and arachnophobia, Merryn has been a presenter in arachnophobia workshops held at the Melbourne Zoo, and a presenter at numerous workshops including Anxiety Disorders Association Victoria. She has developed the ‘PEARLS of Resilience’ audio program and has also recorded four additional hypnosis CDs that help listeners sleep better without drugs, manage panic attacks, resolve their fear of flying, and stop smoking.

Merryn is also the international Author of “Annihilate Stress and Anxiety21 Proven Strategies for a Balanced Life”, and has also released “Annihilate Stress and Anxiety - Companion Workbook” and “The Daily DoseA Book of Positivity”, a journal/notebook that transforms negative thinking into positivity.

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